Buscemi’s present competition comes from single unit operators of party stores. Consequently, as the only party store chain of any real size in Michigan, Buscemi’s has for years enjoyed a good measure of leadership in the Southeastern Michigan marketplace.

Management believes the superior food products and services offered in the Buscemi’s Party Shoppes, if coupled with greater marketing and advertising, could place the Company in a truly dominant position in Michigan. If rapid growth can be attained in the Michigan market area, Buscemi’s may eventually consider expansion into the national market for party and convenience stores.

Growth in Michigan will be through the conversion of existing party and liquor stores in southeastern Michigan, which hold state liquor, beer and wine licenses, and lottery licenses. New licenses are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, so the purchase of an existing license is a much surer method. These stores will then be converted by remodeling with a new Buscemi’s decor package, signage and menu. The Submarine sandwiches. Such stores can be converted to the Buscemi’s concept and reopened in as little as 60-90 days.

The initial focus for selling new franchises will be accomplished through store conversions and offering reduced franchise fees and royalty payments to persons who convert their stores to
Buscemi’s Party Shoppes.

What is a franchise/license agreement?

A franchise/license agreement is a right, or a grant, given to an individual or to a group of individuals,
to use certain methods or techniques and recipes formulated by a parent company based on the
company’s previous experience. One of the cold facts of the franchise business is that often the problems that arise are created because the franchise holder decides for one reason or another to deviate from the exacting practices that are set forth initially by the parent company. Everyone tries
to be an “expert”, but few succeed. If you follow our proven methods and practices, we believe you
can look forward to years of stimulating and rewarding business.  We believe it, because we’ve done
it ourselves.

Now you can own the better franchise

Today, a profitable business is no longer the result of “chance”. It takes detailed planning and
merchandising by “experienced hands” to attract and keep the public. A party shop franchise such as ours, does not require restaurant experience. Our present operators come from all walks of life. If you have the ability to meet and greet the public, show a good business sense and have the desire to learn and put in a good day’s work, we can teach you the “tricks of the trade” that may mean the difference between success or failure.

Converting to a Buscemi’s

What we mean by store conversion is if you are a current owner of a Party Store, Deli, Grocery Store, Supermarket, Gas Station, etc. and you want to add our Traditional authentic Italian food products in your existing location. We will offer a significantly reduced license & Royalty fee and by joining our
franchise family you automatically get to take advantage of our exclusive V.C.R.(Vendor Chain Rebate) program. This program takes advantage of being part of a chain by receiving rebates from certain national companies.


Coke, Pepsi we belong to national account programs where we receive rebates on the number
of cases sold.

Tobacco Products

R.J.Reynolds, Phillip Morris, etc., cigarette manufacturers offer rebate programs on the amount of cartons sold.

Grocery Supplies

By being part of a chain we can offer reduced costs on purchases of groceries, candy and
health & beauty aids.

Wine Distributors

We can also offer you discounts on quantity buying of wine products.

Advertising & Marketing

From radio & TV advertising to 4-color flyers our theory is very simple, the more stores you have,
the cost is less per store to advertise. As a chain together we can advertise on a much larger scale,
than an independent owner can do.

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