We lived on Eastwood st. in East Detroit, and a new Pizza place opened up on Gratoit Ave. So, when we played cards usually Pinochle we would order a Pizza from Buscemis. French and Italians lived in our neighborhood mostly. I’m here to tell you, we went crazy over the pies this guy was making, oh my God. Many times I would burn my mouth and gums biting down it, but that didn’t matter, it was so good. The sauce, pepperoni, green peppers, the mushrooms were thick and tender not dry and the melted cheese on top, this was stuff to die for. Then they had Submarines sandwiches, Torpedo Sandwiches, they became a Rock star with the neighborhood almost overnight. On our block, we had the Mazolla’s,and the Gallos’s families. When they cooked, the whole neighborhood could smell it. Thank you for my memories, I will always remember the Buscemi family there at the restaurant ant, ya, those were wonderful Days. Rock and Roll was just getting started and every body on the block was racing cars and customizing. My brothers first car was a 59 blue Chevy convertible, Wally’s pool hall was just down the street of Eastwood on the corner of 8 mile rd. and White Castle hamburgers was on the corner of 8 mile and Gratiot. I live in northern California now and Google you name and found the place that brought us such fantastic Italian food, Buscemi’s. For me you will always be number one. My granddaughter is getting Married in Sept. 2015 and I will be flying out to be at her wedding. I think, I will cruz the old neighborhood again. Hope you guys are still there, I’d like to stop in and say, Hi.


Buscemis has the absolute best pizza in all of Michigan, hands down! I live right down the street from the Waterford location and I’m in love with the entire store, not just the pizza (although I still love the pizza a lot!) Mike and Kenny have amazing customer service skills and I love how whenever I go in there they have a smile on their faces and are very pleasant to each and every customer. It’s not just Mike and Kenny though, everyone who works there knows how to treat customers, and make us want to come back! Add that to their excellent pizza, subs, and awesome prices, and it’s no wonder Buscemis has been in service for over 50 years! Keep up the great work guys- we loyal customers absolutely notice it!.


I am new to the Michigan area, specifically Eastpointe. My husband and I were on a quest to find the best pizza. We tried numerous places. One day driving down Gratiot and we saw the pizza special sign. The rest is history. Amir makes the best pizza. We started with the 5.99 special. From that point, we have had pizza at least once a week, sometimes twice, but now we order the deluxe. I now have the phone number programmed in my phone and Amir has my pizza ready in less than 15 minutes. I tip my hat to your pizza maker…..we will not get pizza from any other place…..and by the way, we are less than a block from the Mr. C’s on 10 Mile..but we won’t buy it there since we found the diamond in the rough. Hats off to Amir for making an awesome pizza, every time.


I had a question regarding the ability to ship your pizza. My brother lives in Chicago, but grew up here in MI. Buscemis pizza night was always a special night in our house. One one the few things he misses about MI is your pizza. Is there anyway that I’d be able to purchase pizza from you to have directly sent to him as a gift? I know that’s an odd question, but I thought I would take a chance and ask. This would elate him.


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